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Challenging Times

May 2021

Given the ongoing epidemic, there is unfortunately not that much news for me to share with you. Almost every single scheduled concert was cancelled and as I watched the horror unfold around the world I tried to stay as quiet as possible out of respect for the pain and struggle that so many people were, and still are going through. 

In March of this year, I was fortunate enough to play a completely masked concert with my dear and admired composer/pianist/conductor friend, Federico Jusid. It was a particularly moving experience: Not only was it my first public appearance in over a year, not only was I sharing this with a beloved friend, but on top of it we were commemorating the victims of the terrorist attacks in Madrid. 

More recently it seems that things are about to start opening up again. In June I am scheduled to play with my sister, Karin Lechner at the Martha Argerich Festival in Hamburg, some chamber music at the Moritzburg festival in August, and in the same month will be returning to Los Angeles to play at the Hollywood Bowl. Crossing my fingers...

As part of a special event for the generous donors of the LA Phil in which I was lucky to be interviewed by Gustavo Dudamel, I recorded a few pieces among which Chopin 4th Ballade. Let this be my very modest gift to all you who, in one way or another, are fighting for your lives.

Love, Sergio