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The emotional roller-coaster that was 2022

December 2022

Hello my dear friends. Please forgive me for not writing to you more often, I am an absolutely disgraceful friend, but know that I think of you much more often than I let it be known…

2022 has been an emotionally challenging year for me. In February I lost my beloved Father as well as Nelson Freire and Nicholas Angelich in a span of a few months. When I say “I”, I mean of course “we”, but since this is my page I’ll be selfish and make it all about me. 😆 But in all seriousness, this has been a bastard of a year in many ways. 

In spite of this, some absolutely wonderful and beautiful things did compensate quite a bit. I returned to play with my very dear L.A. Phil –in this occasion to perform Prokofiev 1 which is one of my most adored pieces; I had my debut with the Philadelphia Orchestra (and the musical giant that is Yannick-Nezet Seguin before he got sick and was replaced by the WONDERFUL Kensho Watanabe); I played for the first time in a VERY long time in Monreal with the MSO and Rafael Payare, but also had the pleasure of playing a Tango concert with my dear friend Jonathan Goldman, bandoneon, and his cohorts, Pablo Seib, bass, Pablo Bonacina, electric guitar and the world renowned James Ehnes on violin (SO much fun); And just ended the year in Buenos Aires after a long gap (due to a certain pandemic) where I had the honor of playing with maestro Diemecke on his last concert as chief conductor of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic. But most special of all, by far, was my marriage to Maud, the mother of my children and the woman I have been hopelessly in love with for the past 15 years! 

To top it all off, Argentina won the world cup which makes me happy for Messi as he is an artist who certainly deserves this crowning achievement. I just wish my Dad could have witnessed it…

But here comes 2023 and it will be a very brilliant year as, among other things, I will be debuting with the Berlin Philharmonic! I will also be returning to Australia after a long pause and touring South America in recital and with orchestra. So very exciting!

Well, that’s about it for now. I wish you all a warm and loving end of year and a fantastic new year. 



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