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New Release!

April 29, 2020

Several years ago, I paid tribute to my family ties and their role in fashioning the human being that I am through the recording I entitled “Legacy”. Now I wanted to do the same for those who were directly responsible for sculpting the musician in me.

My new album, “Hommage” will be a recording of duos in which I perform with many of the most influential figures in my musical formation, such as Nelson Freire, Alan Weiss, Mischa Maisky, and my own Mother and Sister, Lyl Tiempo and Karin Lechner. As a teaser to my upcoming CD, and in order to mark the paramount impact that she had on my musical upbringing, we decided to release my duo recording with Matha Argerich as a single, ahead of the album’s own release.

We could have recorded so many different things… Why Schubert Fantasy? Learning and growing has to do with being confronted with the unknown, making the effort to overcome the challenges this “unknown” imposes, and thus making it become a part of us. Since this album is as much an homage to my teachers as it is to learning itself, I felt it would be appropriate to play a piece that we had never played together before. Even though we met several weeks before the recording to rehearse, this was essentially the first and only time we ever performed it. I loved the idea of discovering our interpretation of it almost at the same time as you, the listener.

This masterpiece is one of the most important of the piano-duo repertoire, and what could be more enthralling than to walk through it hand in hand with my idol, my beloved mentor, Martha Argerich?